The Shark Barrier Pursuit Still Alive with Chang Chih Hao

Some may know that Brothers’ Chiang Chih Hsien only tied the CPBL record for most consecutive games hitting safely to start the season at 21 games and that Monkeys’ Lin Hung Yu fell just short at 20 games, but there is still somebody in the hunt for the 26-year-old record, known locally as the "shark barrier", and he might be returning to action on Thursday.

Brothers center fielder Chang Chih Hao hit safely in his first 17 games before a lower-body injury forced him to miss the last seven games. The Brothers were 11-4-2 with Chang in the lineup, and 4-3 while he was on the shelf. The number-two hitter is looking to draw back in on Thursday night against the Monkeys in Taichung and try to get a game closer to the oldest CPBL record.

The Brothers will be sending No. 19 Cheng Kai Wen (3-2, 4.20 ERA) to the mound while the Monkeys will counter with No.26 Greg Smith (0-3, 10.91 ERA). Game time is set for 6:35.


  1. Games between both Brothers and Monkeys this season had produced some thrillers we seen so far. I was at their game in Xinzhuang that ended close to 1am the following day.

    "Kevin" Cheng Kai-wen has been struggling to recapture the form before he went for the operation last year, hope he be good for this one.

  2. I was at that game, too. I've seen the Monkeys and Brothers tie twice this season already!


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