Diamond Defenders: May 24-29

Home runs are exciting but a good defense can make or break even the best of ball teams. Here is this week’s collection of “nice plays”

Not only does Lions No. 13 Chen Yung Chi make a brilliant play, he saves three runs from scoring and keeps the game from being blown open.

Rhinos No. 28 Kao Kuo Hui shows some finesse on this sliding catch.

Monkeys No. 8 Chan Zhi Yao takes extra bases away as he makes this running grab in the gap.

Monkeys super rookie No. 9 Wang Po Jung covers some serious ground and shows some great control in the corner.

Monkeys 1B No. 29 Chen Chun Hsiu takes away extra bases as he proves righties make good first basemen, too.

Hands down No. 1 Lin Che Hsuan is the best defensive CF in the league.

Rhinos No. 51 Yu Mong Xiong might be struggling at the dish but he makes up for it on this fine play.

Did I mention Yu Mong Xiong also plays right field?

Brothers No. 6 Chang Cheng Wei does something that usually doesn't happen in the CPBL: He guns down a runner going first to third.

Smooth is one word to describe this flip and turn from the middle of the Lions infield.

Blunders and Bobbles

Fellow writer BD referred to this one as overrunning and overreaching. I'm glad nobody gets to see my errors at work.

Being a defensive replacement in extra innings means you aren't allowed to throw the ball into the bushes.

This was actually ruled a hit and the batter, Lin Che Hsuan, would win the game’s MVP. #twilight

Poor Ryan Searle got zero help from his outfield vs. the Rhinos.

“I got it, I got it.”
You don’t got it.

This play was a hot mess. The RF somehow overran the ball which allowed it to skip into the seats, earning him a place on the bench mid-inning.

Hard to watch this one if you're a Brothers fan.