CPBL Midseason Awards: Defensive MVP

With the first half of the 2016 CPBL season coming to an end, we decided to ask a few members of the media some questions about the year so far, and what to expect in the second half. This is part two of a six-part series.

Who was the first-half defensive MVP?

Rob Liu, CPBL Reddit
EDA Rhinos CF No. 1 Lin Che Hsuan. “Not a lot of nice plays, but certainly the best fielder in the league. He makes all the tough plays look like a walk in the park with his ability to track and read the fly balls.”

Travis Wu, Now News
EDA Rhinos CF No. 1 Lin Che Hsuan. “He’s got great ability to chase down every ball and a great sliding head-first catch. He has a chance to win a gold glove.”

Josh Inglis, CPBL English
EDA Rhinos Middle Infield (SS No. 59 Lo Kuo Lin and 2B No. 64 Lin Wei Ting). “The team is averaging almost four double plays a game and lead the league by nearly 20 percent.”

Brandon DuBreuil, CPBL English
EDA Rhinos CF No. 1 Lin Che Hsuan. “When it comes to CPBL outfielders, there's Lin, and then there's everyone else. He’s by far the best outfielder in the league. He tracks down everything and has a hose for an arm.”

We weren’t in complete agreement, but Lin Che Hsuan takes the CPBL English award for best defensive player at midseason.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

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