Diamond Defenders: June 14-19

Home runs are exciting but a good defense can make or break even the best of ball teams. Here is this week’s collection of “nice plays”

The man with four names No. 49 Lin Wang Chi Wei gets a rare start in right and shows that he belongs there.

Lions No. 55 Pan Wu Hsiung lays out to make the great grab in left robbing 恰恰 in the process.

They may not score much, but the Rhinos do have some solid D. Great grab here by No. 54 Lin Wei En as he avoids a smorgasbord of hazards.

Monkeys No. 29 Chen Chun Hsiu pulls off this circus catch.

Monkeys No. 9 Wang Po Jung is a beast at the dish and with the leather.

Lions No. 50 Mai Jia Yi shows off his vertical by snaring a laser.

Lions rookie OF Cheng Kai Wen has one of the best arms in the entire league. This throw is on the money.

Troll of the week

Wang Po Jung embarrasses the cameraman on this home run from Cheng Kai Wen.

One tough customer

Lions No. 69 Lin Chih Hsiang had a tough couple of games this week. Glad to see he is ok.

Textbook blunder recovery

Monkeys OF No. 8 Chan Zhi Yao really saves his bacon with this last ditch effort after losing his feet.

Blunders and Bobbles

A nice little Sunday hop isn't enough to make this play.

They should really start these games a little later to avoid plays like this.