Diamond Defenders: July 19 - 24

Home runs are exciting but a good defense can make or break even the best of ball teams. Here is this week’s collection of “nice plays”

Rhinos CF Lin Che Hsuan is really good, in case you didn't know. Like, really, really, really good.

Boom! Monkeys No. 21 Kuo Yen Wen makes a beautiful backhanded diving stop and throws out the runner.

The best defensive second baseman, Rhinos No. 64 Lin Wei Ting, spins a little magic and proves the umpire wrong, eventually.

Lin is nuts and makes plays like this in his sleep.

The other half of the Rhinos middle infield, No. 24 Chen Kai Lun, shows off his range and does that spinning and throwing thing that looks so cool.

Brothers No. 11 Chiang Chih Hsien charges hard and unleashes a rocket to first, just in time.

Chiang has a cannon for an arm, as you can see on this heads up play.

Brothers No. 7 Chang Chih Hao hoses a runner trying to take third after a fly ball.

Brothers SS No. 14 Wang Sheng Wei robs the batter of a hit after making a diving backhanded stab and fires to first in time.

Brothers OF No. 1 Chen Tzu Hao covers a ton of ground and makes a nice sliding catch on a ball that looked like it was in there for a hit.

He did what?
Brothers manager Wu Fu Lien actually takes the glove from the opposing team’s 1B, Chen Chun Hsiu, to help demonstrate why he thought the umps made the wrong call. Hilarious.

Blunders and Bobbles

Always the shortstop’s ball.

Here is a Lions double shot.

Another throwing miscue from the Brothers LF