Diamond Defenders: Sep. 20 - 25

“Home runs are exciting but a good defense can make or break even the best of ball teams. Here is this week’s collection of “nice plays”

Lions rookie No. 46 Chen Chih Hsien makes a ridiculous catch in the left-field corner where, apparently, there is some netting as well.

Chen Chih Hsien makes his second appearance. Amazing catch, but check out that arm.

Rhinos SS No. 24 Chen Kai Lun has serious range and a strong enough arm to get the lead-footed batter.

Rhinos CF No. 1 Lin Che Hsuan might be able to roam the entire outfield if you let him.

Brothers No. 6 Chiang Cheng Wei gets on his horse and gets down to make a sliding catch near the line, much to the appreciation of pitcher Nick Additon.

Rhinos 2B No. 64 Lin Wei Ting ends the inning in style. Best infielder in the league.

No. 64 is insanely good with the leather.

Kao Kuo Hui tried to hit the ball through Lions No. 13 Chen Yung Chi, but the 3B had other ideas.

Brothers No. 61 Wu Dong Rong shows that he isn't just a backup, getting the speedy Rhino on a ranging grab and throw.

Here is another rookie with a bright future in the CPBL. Rhinos No. 22 Lee Tsung Hsien.

Creative double play from the other guys of the Brothers middle infield.

Blunders and Bobbles

These get dropped too often.

One play, two errors.

That's one slippery ball.

Let's just score this one a double.

This was somehow not ruled an error. However, it did get the RF pulled.