CPBL Sets Guidelines for Possible Expansion

Translation by Kris Wan. Updated 8:40 p.m. 

The CPBL issued a press release on May 23 regarding guidelines for possible expansion to a fifth team. 

Issuing a statement such as this might have people thinking that a fifth CPBL franchise is in the short-term plans for the league. But, as of yet, no company has come forward and publically stated their intentions to join the league.

Lih Pao Construction Co., Ltd.—the conglomerate behind Fullon Hotels and others—has been rumored to be interested in starting up a team. However, when contacted by CPBL English, a spokesperson stated that they have no plans to join the league and are instead focused on "new recreational facilities."

Here are the key details of the press release. 

1. For businesses that wish to become the fifth team, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Franchise fees: NT$120 million.
  • Margin fees to guarantee five years of operation: NT$360 million. 
2. Parent company qualifications:
  • Must be established for at least five years.
  • Parent company capital must be more than NT$500 million
  • Must be legally certified as an LTD. Co here in Taiwan.
  • Foreign nationals cannot hold more than a 50% stake in the parent company.
  • Must provide detailed info of shares, capital and share percentages to the CPBL commissioner.
3. The new team's operational proposal needs to include the following:
  • Home stadium operating plans.
  • Local support (need to provide a joint signature petition).
  • Parent company information, including: financial reports, CEO background check and business concept.
  • New team business plan: Shall include a marketing plan that matches the Taiwan professional baseball environment. Must include planning for home operation, farm team operation, stadium facility maintenance, and must meet the expectations of fans and players.
4.  Plan to support local baseball:
  • NT$100 million
    • NT$30 million to the CPBL to implement league plans for local baseball funding.
    • NT$70 million for the new team's proposed ideas and plans. 

The CPBL will support the new franchise with the following:

1. The new team will have special privileges of priority selection and additional selection rights.

2. There will be an expansion draft for the new team to choose from the current four teams' players.

3. The new team will get one additional import player.

4. The new team will have priority rights to contact players that are released by other teams.

Here's the timeline for the proposed fifth team:

1st Year:

  • Confirm plans to join the CPBL
  • Participate in the CPBL Draft
  • Participate in the expansion draft
  • Contact released players
2nd Year:
  • Participate in the minor league regular season
  • Participate in the CPBL Draft
  • Participate in the expansion draft
  • Contact released players
3rd Year:
  • Join the CPBL regular season
  • Operate normally as a franchise


  1. Looking at wikipedia's list of Taiwan's major cities/metro areas, I have thought for the last several years that Taiwan should be able to support a six team league at some point in the not too distant future. It seems to me that attendance at CPBL games should be better than it is, but I understand that past gambling scandals have alienated fans several times when it looked like the league was ready to take off.


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