Brothers Unveil Limited Edition Dragon Ball Z Jerseys.

Fans of the hit Japanese television series, Dragon Ball, are in for a treat.  The Chinatrust Brothers have announced that, in partnership with the long-running anime, their players will wear a very special uniform for the May 5th and 6th game versus the Uni Lions at Taichung Intercontinental Stadium.  

The uniforms will mirror the bright orange robes worn by Goku and his associates, with the Brothers’ elephant symbol replacing Goku’s turtle.  Throughout the day a number of Dragon Ball themed activities will be taking place, including a ceremony to summon Shenron, the dragon god from the Dragon Ball franchise.  Also in attendance will be Taiwanese actor Yu Cheng-chang, who voices the lead protagonist Goku in the Mandarin dub.  

The special edition jerseys and other themed merchandise will be on sale to fans at the stadium.