Chinatrust Brothers 5 Lamigo Monkeys 1

Lamigo Monkeys (33-24) at Chinatrust Brothers (28-30-1)
Thursday, October 11, 2018
Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium

WP:  No.30 Elih Villanueva (3-4, 5.19 ERA)
LP:   No.24 Michael Nix (8-4, 3.72 ERA)
MVP:   Chinatrust Brothers SP No. 59 Hung Chen-Yu

Home Runs:
Monkeys: None
Brothers:  None

Monkeys: None
Brothers:  None

Game Notes:

  • This game was a makeup game from August 23rd and it was also the final home game for the Chinatrust Brothers in Taichung. Although the Brothers are out of the postseason, they still played to win. With 11 hits, the Brothers defeated the Monkeys, giving fans an unforgettable night in Taichung!

  • The Brothers SS No.14 Wang Shen-Wei went three-for-four with two RBI tonight, including the game-winning RBI in the bottom of the first. At 34 years of age, Wang hit a career high 10 homers. He continues to train himself using different methods during the off season and is excited to continue to improve his play on the field.

  • The Monkeys left 11 runners on base tonight - maybe the chillier weather in Taichung influenced their hitting. Monkeys head coach Hung Yi-Chong should be aware of this problem as they end their regular season. With two weeks until the Taiwan Series, it could be a serious issue for the Monkeys.

  • In the bottom of the seventh there was a debatable play on an infield popup. The Brothers had a runner on first as Monkeys' 2B Chen Cheng-Wei caught the ball. The second base umpire called for an out but when Chen threw the ball back to first, the first base umpire called the runner safe. After the umpires met on the field, they still gave a double play to the Monkeys causing some confusion with Brothers' fans.

  • The number in attendance and the game time have the same numbers tonight. What a cool coincidence for this game!

Attendance: 3170
Game time: 03:17