Fubon Guardians 11 Lamigo Monkeys 5

Fubon Guardians (26-32) at Lamigo Monkeys (32-22)
Saturday, October 6, 2018
Xingzhuang Baseball Field, New Taipei City

WP:  No.39 Mike Loree (10-8, 3.40 ERA)
LP:   No. 14 Su Chun-Yu(3-2, 3.86 ERA)
MVP:  Guardians No.98 Kao Kuo-Lin(4-3, 4 RBI, 2 Doubles)

Home Runs:
Monkeys:  No.97 Liang Chia-Jung(First homer in 2018 season)
Guardians:  None

Monkeys: No.7 Kuo Yung-Wei(SS)
Guardians:  No.46 Fan Kuo-Chen(1B), No.54 Lin Wei-En(SS,2)

Game Notes:

  • This game was suspended back on July 22 and was the last game that the two teams would meet at Xingzhuang. In this game, both teams showed their offensive power, totaling 27 hits. The Monkeys actually had more hits than the Guardians, but the Guardians took more advantage of timely hits.

  • Lamigo 3B Liang Chia-Jung hit his first homer of the season. His three-for-four performance will surely give manager Hung I-Chung a difficult decision as to which player to take on the 28-man roster in the Taiwan Series.There is also Lin Li; both of them have good defense and hitting with Lin possibly being a better choice for the 28-man roster.

  • The Guardians starting lineup was definitely different from the previous game, featuring a younger lineup. This helped the Guardians solve the problem that the offense was not fluid with men on base. But these players do not have enough post season experience which may be of concern for Guardians management

  • The starting pitcher for the Monkeys, Su Chun-Yu, didn't fare too well in this game but still has an above average ERA(3.86) in the league. If he can fix his high WHIP, the coaching staff will still show confidence in him, especially considering he is only twenty-two years old!

Game time :3:29