Lamigo Monkeys 7 Uni Lions 6

Lamigo Monkeys (31-20) at Uni Lions (25-28-1)
Wednesday, October 3, 2018
Chengcing Lake Baseball Field, Kaohsiung

WP:  No. 69 Huang Zi-Peng (5-3, 2.58 ERA)
LP:   No. 17 Lin Tzu-Wei (0-2, 5.30 ERA)
SV: No. 20 Chen Yu-Hsun (28)
MVP:  Monkeys No. 9 Wang Po-Jung (2 H, 1HR, 2 RBI)

Home Runs:
Monkeys:  Wang Po-Jung (15)
Lions:  None

Monkeys:  None
Lions:  CF Zhang Wei-Sheng, 3B Kuo Fu-Lin

Game Notes:

  • The Monkeys demonstrated great resilience that a strong team needs, winning consecutive one-run games this week. The Monkeys can be crowned second-half champions as early as tomorrow, giving them an absolute advantage in the Taiwan Series.

  • Facing Monkeys SP Michael Nix who won all 4 games in September, Lions seized the chance when he was struggling in the first inning, jumping out to a 4-run lead via five hits. It was the most earned runs given up by Nix since June 5.

  • The Lions had a huge chance in the 8th inning with the bases loaded and no outs. However, they were stifled by Monkeys RP Lin Po-Yu, leaving the bases loaded for the second time tonight. They should have slammed the monkeys in these two innings.

  • Monkeys CP Chen Yu-Hsun gave up two hits in the ninth but still grabbed his 28th save tonight. His ERA against the Lions is still zero this year compared to the super high ERA facing the Guardians. The closer is surely hoping that Lions will be their opponent in the Taiwan Series.

Attendance: 2,980
Game time: 3:38


  1. Assuming the Monkeys win the second half- what are the calculations for the 2nd team? Would it just be the team with the second best record or is the first half to be factored in? ( thusly eliminating the Elephants). If the Monkeeys win the second half they gain a one gaim advantage in the series?


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