Uni Lions 10 Chinatrust Brothers 1

Chinatrust Brothers (26-27-1) at Uni Lions (25-27-1)

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium

WP:  No. 30 Josh Roenicke ( 12-9, 3.10 ERA )
LP:   No. 62 Chen Hu ( 3-6, 4.40 ERA )
MVP:  Lions SP No. 30 Josh Roenicke ( 7 IP, I ER )

Home Runs:
Brothers:  Huang Chun-Sheng (2)
Lions:  Chen Yung-Chi (12)

Brothers:  LF Chen Wen-Chieh
Lions:  3B Kuo Fu-Lin

Game Notes:

  • Lions LF Chen Chieh-Hsien had an excellent performance in both offense and defense. He got three hits in tonight’s game, and he gunned down a runner at home plate in the fifth inning.  For his recent defensive instability, it was an opportunity to regain confidence.

  • Lions fully enjoyed their familiarity on their home field as C Lin You-Le and 3B Kuo Fu-Lin both caught balls by the corner of the foul territory in the second inning.

  • Lions 1B Chen Yung-Chi hit a three-run homer in the sixth inning. The Brothers just changed pitchers prior to Chen hitting. They brought in a left-hander, Cheng Chi-Hung to face the right-handed Chen. The result confirmed that this was the wrong decision.

  • Brothers C Huang Chun-Sheng bombed a solo shot in the third inning, It was the only breakthrough in this game for the Brothers.

  • As the temperature gradually cools down, Lions SP Josh Roenicke is heating back up.  He had a near perfect night giving up only 2 hits. In the past three months, his record has been 3-7.

Attendance: 3,002
Game time: 2:59


  1. I hope the Brothers take in stride in this rebuilding process after all these months. The team did show promises after a strong start in the "Lower Half" season but I guess injuries and inexperience being the cause of the recent slump.


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